Are Mangoes Good for Diabetes? Control Blood Sugar Levels

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Mangoes for Diabetic


A seasonal fruit is the most enticing and luring treat. Mangoes are one of the most delicious summer fruits which come in a huge variety. Apart from being delicious and mouthwatering, this fruit contains enzymes that act as a catalyst for the digestion of proteins. With their fibrous nature, mangoes keep the digestive system up and running. On the contrary, being high in sugar and carbohydrates mangoes are infamous amongst the diabetics. However, this cannot be a hindrance for the diabetics to have a bite of this delight. Yes Diabetics can eat mangoes, but with the expert advise.

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Studies have inferred that 30% of sugar content in mangoes is metabolized by the liver which raises the level of glucose in a person. A single slice of this nutritious fruit can shoot up the sugar levels in highly diabetic patients. Whereas, the patients on the borderline can have small amounts of this fruit but there is a catch.

As the saying goes, ‘You have to lose something to gain something‘, a similar protocol has to be followed in order to bring fresh mangoes into the dietary plan of the diabetics. Hence a diabetic will have to avoid high grams of carbohydrate sources like rice and wheat to get the taste of mangoes. But this intake has to be controlled and limited to a range of 50-75 grams on a daily basis.

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We at Sugar Knocker aim at turning diabetes into a positive force, enjoy your summer and nibble at the king of fruits.

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