Ayurvedic Medicine to Treat Diabetes

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Ayurvedic Medicine to Treat Diabetes

The increase in the number of people suffering from Diabetes is no longer a number that warrants a reaction of surprise. But what is positive is that people are aware of the fact that the disease can be cured naturally with the help of herbal products, healthy lifestyle and a good exercise regime.

A conscious decision not to choose allopathic medicines that prescribe to insulin that might cause severe side effects has propelled the use of herbs and on Ayurveda treatment for a holistic approach.

Natural Diet Supplements to Control Diabetes

There are various names for Diabetes in Ayurveda: Asrava, Prameha, Madhumeha and Maharogya. A consultation with the right Ayurvedic doctor will help you combat it effectively. However, you can also help this process by using the right natural supplements.

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Bitter gourd juice is all about nutrition:

We understand that it isn’t the tastiest vegetable out there. But this is a magic ingredient and can really do wonders. Having bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach in the mornings can help control the blood sugar levels in your body. You can even sauté them with some onion and a little oil on a pan and eat it as a side dish. You can start including it in your diet or practice it two days a week till it becomes a routine.

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Fenugreek seeds is worth worshipping:

This is a powerful herb. You can soak the seeds in water overnight and have it on empty stomach without discarding the water. You can also grind the seeds and have it with some warm milk and turmeric. You will surely notice the difference in your blood sugar levels.

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Don’t overlook the power of cinnamon:

Could it be any easier than having a home remedy like this one? Well, we don’t really think so. You can use this in anything that you eat for a meal. Whether it is your gravy item or even a hot cup of tea, cinnamon simply stands as a soothing spice. Its flavour and aroma will draw your attention. You can even boil it along with your drinking water and keep sipping on the freshness it offers.

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Amla is not just meant for hair:

Whenever we think of this herb, we generally think of its uses to improve hair growth. But that’s not the only benefit it offers. The juice can be consumed twice a day or you can even choose to have the amla powder along with milk or water. Either ways it will help your purpose.

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Aloe Vera to your rescue:

When you mix aloe Vera along with ground bay leaf and consume it, the blood sugar levels are balanced and your worries of fighting diabetes are kept at bay. Aloe Vera not only is good for skin but also good for your overall health. Try it, today!

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Best ways to control blood sugar level along with these:

  • Having a glass of water along with tulsi, neem and belpatra leaves, it will boost your energy levels and also keep you blood sugar levels in check.
  • Plenty of vegetables and light liquids such as soups will do you good. Avoid binging on oily snacks.
  • Eat regularly and eat at the right time.
  • There are no excuses to skip a day’s workout.

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