Berberine Vs. Metformin: Which Should be Your Ultimate Choice?

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berberine vs metformine


With time, the human body depletes itself from the capability of self-healing. This may happen at different ages for different people. Shortening of life or ageing results in the decreased ability of the body to repair itself, the healing of the muscles and the bones just starts to fade away. 

Making a choice between Berberine Vs Metformin has been a tough nut to crack for Diabetes patients. But, making this choice is not as hard as it seems. Though Berberine Supplement is preferred over Metformin, yet it has its own side effects. But Metphormine has more dangerous side effects than Berberine. Metformin is a carcinogen in itself and it causes diarrhoea, indigestion, and several other digestive disorders. The choice between Berberine vs Metformine must be clear now.

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Berberine health benefits

A natural compound that can be primarily found in the barberry shrub, accessible by the name of Berberine, is used for its healing properties. Although the benefits of Berberine are in abundance, one of its most promising features is to help with blood sugar issues. The aiding qualities of Berberine just don’t end here. It extends up to maintaining the proper functioning of the heart, managing the body weight, and curing with PCOS as well. 

Berberine works efficiently by increasing the activity of the AMPK enzymes and slows down the metabolic pathway, which would instead cause inflammation. Berberine cannot absorb in the body properly when consumed as an oral supplement, which may further lead to indigestion issues in the body resulting in severe discomfort. Various studies have been conducted lately to decipher ways for the consumption of Berberine. Some of the ways discovered include:

  • Milk Thistle can be used as an additive
  • Encapsulated in the form of Nanotubules
  • Can be consumed along with water-soluble derivatives as well

If you are wondering for how long should I take berberine, then you must contact your physician to get a prescription. He or she will guide you thoroughly and will prescribe you with the dosage that best suits your condition.

Berberine says to have anti-aging effects as well and is known for increasing the life span of the people consuming it. The researchers have been explicitly motivated due to this ability of the drug. They are trying to figure out more ways in which Berberine could be useful in combating with the aging issues in human beings. 

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Metformin health benefits

A synthetic compound extracted from the French lilac that is often misspelt as metformin is the compound metformin. The compound is extensively used by people for losing weight and for treating PCOS as well. However, the most abundant use of Metformin is done to reduce the glucose level in the blood of human beings. The research conducted with the compound is often related to Type 2 diabetes for the very reason of it being good with depleting blood sugar issues. Even Metformin, just as Berberine activates the AMPK enzymes to treat diabetes. 

The common side effects caused by Metformin drug is also related to indigestion, along with lack of appetite, diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort, and bloating. Even Metformin has been observed to reduce the aging effects caused by Type 2 Diabetes that results in the decrease in mortality rate as well. Metformin is being tested for improving the conditions related to ageing in human. 

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Berberine Vs. Metformin

Berberine Vs. Metformin

Although both the compounds function almost in the same manner, i.e., it activates the AMPK enzymes that help in the reduction of blood sugar levels. However, whenever the question arises for berberine vs metformin, Berberine is preferred over Metformin for the very reason that Metformin, when consumed, instigates disturbance in the digestive system. Is Berberine better than metformin? While Berberine does messes up with the digestive system when consumed orally, the issue can be countered with some other alternatives as mentioned above. Whereas metformin side effects along with lack of appetite, diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort, and bloating. The Chemical Metformin is classified as a probable human carcinogen if overdosed.  Therefore, if you think whether you should opt for berberine or metformin, in the current scenario, it should always be berberine. 

In order for the cells to increase their access to obtaining the energy, they trigger the activity of AMPK enzymes. The enzyme then facilitates the uptake of glucose and fatty acids from the blood and delivers it to the cells. Due to this enzyme, the breakdown of glycogen and fat is excessively increased which prevents the excessive storage of fat and glycogen. The ways of functioning of the AMPK enzymes are categorized into two different ways. The first way includes phosphorylation of the enzymes that imparts instant effects. And in the second method, the phosphorylation of the factors of the enzymes takes place, which has a long-lasting impact on the body. 

Both Berberine and Metformin increase the consumption of glucose in our body. The drugs can inhibit the transportation of the complex 1 electron chain. Whenever that method is adopted, the efficiency of the process of production of ATP is minimalized. The usage of energy is thus reduced, which results in a restricted calorific diet. The scientists have conducted several studies that compare Metformin and Berberine. The conclusion was derived in a manner that proved Berberine had hypoglycaemic effects on blood sugar level as of Metformin. Although the two drugs possess different structures, their action is more or less the same.  

In the war between Metformin vs Berberine, the latter imparts the benefits of increasing the life span of an individual more abundantly. The researchers have been intrigued by this property of the compound and are trying to figure out ways in combating the ageing issues in humans. More often than not, people have the question in their mind –can we take berberine and metformin together? The answer to this is yes!. If you are on metformin you can take berberine too, when berberine and metformin together are combined into a solution, they impart some astounding results. Berberine and Metformin, when consumed together, result in balancing a healthy level of lactic acid in the body. Metformin being an allopathic medicine and berberine being a natural herb, can cut down the dosage of allopathy medicine by 50% over the benefitting results and gradually you can decrease the allopathy.

Berberine with metformin is known for imparting precise results, which will not only treat blood sugar but also help you with the digestive issues, PCOS, and weight loss. The two compounds share the general effects, but the mechanism of their action varies. Scientists have started researching on both compounds to enhance human longevity. Also, their anti-ageing potential is being considered. 

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Metformin and Berberine Uses

Research is ongoing to discover several ways in which Metformin and Berberine can benefit human health. Berberine and Metformin are considered to be one of the most promising geroprotectors that exist today. Also, the clinical studies have proven and demonstrated that they support bodily functions and enhance them as well. The dosage of Metformin and Berberine will vary according to the prescription given by the doctor. 

What are the Benefits of Berberine?

The benefits of Berberine are plenty and the drug not only shows exceptional results on treating diabetes but on various other diseases as well. The blood sugar level is drastically reduced when Berberine supplement for Diabetes is consumed. If around 500 mg of a combination of berberine and chromium picolinate is consumed for 2 to 3 times a day for about three months of time, it has been observed to have some unbelievable results and blood sugar has been found to be controlled entirely. 

We have understood that the best berberine supplement for diabetes, some other benefits of the drug should not go unnoticed. People who suffer from cancer sores can use Berberine gel along with its supplements to apply to the sores. The gel aids in reducing signs of redness, reduces pain, oozing from the sores, also shows changes in the signs of the sores formed. The substance is found to have reduced the level of cholesterol and other lipids from the blood by increasing the metabolic activities in the body and treating with hyperlipidemia. 

People who have high cholesterol issues often rely upon Berberine of 500 mg for two times in a day. The doctor suggests consuming the drug for at least six months to reduce the level of cholesterol from the blood. The benefits of berberine supplements are not just limited to diabetes but they help in creating one of the most dreading diseases and that is high blood pressure issues. If you consume 0.9 gm of Berberine combined with amlodipine, which is the medicine for high blood pressure, you can easily combat the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure effectively. 

The side effects caused by Berberine

Now that you have an idea about the miraculous benefits imparted by Berberine let us have a look at what are the side effects of berberine. The drug is safe for oral consumption for most of the adults. However, only for short-term use. Some of the minor side effects caused by the drug include:

side effects of berberine

Although Berberine is known for reducing blood sugar levels, some of the side effects of diabetes patients are, if they consume the drug along with any other diabetic medication or insulin, it can cause the blood sugar level to drop below the average level. Therefore, the merits of the drug should be managed accordingly. 

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To combat a dreading and chronic disease like diabetes there are several medications that have been now introduced into the market. If you have been dealing with high diabetes issues and relying upon allopathic therapeutic forms, we would suggest you rather opted for Ayurvedic forms of treatment for a change. There is a 90-percent chance that you certainly are going to experience changes in the level of diabetes. The berberine supplement for diabetes is contained in one such medicine that is available in the market by the name of Sugar Knocker. All the benefits of berberine have been taken into consideration and included as well in Sugar Knocker, which helps diabetics to combat the signs and symptoms of high blood sugar. 

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