5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Control Diabetes

A diagnosis of diabetes is like a wake up call. It is an indication that your body is not happy with the way things are and a change of lifestyle is in the offing. Attention to your diet and exercise and maintaining a healthy weight is the way to diabetes control and will in fact lead you towards a healthier life.

Diabetes is a disease affecting millions of people across the globe. So how can one combat & overcome this deadly disease? By¬†following a well-balanced diet (Ahara), regular exercise (Vihara) & consuming natural supplements (Aushadi), it’s possible to regulate diabetes.

Live an Ayurvedic life

Managing diabetes is more than just taking medication. Some adjustments in your daily lifestyle can have a huge impact on your overall well-being.In fact, for some people, this can be enough to control blood sugar without medication. But it’s true that old habits die hard.

Here are 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Control Diabetes

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