How Sugar Knocker has helped Vasudevan Nayar in His Diabetes Management

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Vasudevan Nayar from New Delhi, age 71, had a history of diabetes but had been controlling it for 20 years with allopathic pills. Then his sugar level was getting high and finally, he was landed to insulin intake. Vasudevan also had to start giving himself insulin shots with high dosage. The frequent testing and insulin injections turned his world upside down.

One Day he came across “Sugar Knocker”-11 unique combinations of medicinal herbs. Mr.Vasudevan took Sugar Knocker for 3 months and with help of Sugar Knocker, an Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement for Diabetes, he was able to normalize the blood sugar level.

Vasudevan Nayar played a huge part in his success,” Mr. Vasudevan said.” I came across a wonderful ayurvedic product Sugar Knocker, I took it for 3 months and my sugar levels were normalized. It is a safe and good sugar lowering product one can depend on

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