How to Care for Feet When You Have Diabetes

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How to Care for Feet When You Have Diabetes

Diabetics are at a higher risk for foot problems due to the nerve damage, circulation problems and longer healing times which are associated with long term diabetes and high sugar levels. Many a times, they are not able to accurately judge the damage to their feet and can neglect them till too late. At the same time, impaired circulation and compromised immune system increase the time any wound takes to heal.

Therefore it is important for diabetics to take regular and good care of their feet on a day to day basis and also to avoid injury or infections.

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1. Inspect your feet everyday.

Look for sores, redness, blisters, cuts, bunions, corns or bruises all along the sides of your feet, soles and in between the toes. Use a mirror or ask for help if you are unable to inspect them properly. Contact your doctor immediately if you see any of the above symptoms and track their healing.

2. Use good quality footwear and socks

Make sure to buy shoes or sandals that fit your feet properly and cover them all around. They should not pinch in any place nor make your feet sore. It is advisable to cover your feet at all times, even when at home. Always inspect shoes before wearing to ensure there are no objects inside.

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3. Wash and moisturize feet daily

Maintain good foot hygiene. Wash them daily and make sure to dry them properly, especially between the toes. Moisturize feet, except between the toes, to avoid dry and cracked feet.

Following these tips along with your regular diabetes management plan to control sugar levels will go a long way in avoiding serious foot trouble.

Remember with diabetes prevention is not just the best, but the only option!

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