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Buy Banaba Diabetes Dietary Supplement Veg Capsules Online

Known by the Latin name-Lagerstroemia Speciosa, this plant’s leaves are used for herbal supplementation. It comes from Banaba Bush which is an ornamental species of plant native to places such as Southeast Asia, India, and Australia. The banaba extract is popular for its medicinal usages. It is light yellow or white in color when extracted in a powdered format. Research on Chemical Component of Banaba Extract has shown that the banaba tree houses the triterpenoid compound known as corosolic acid. This chemical component is known to stimulate the glucose receptors while increasing the overall activity for better absorption of the blood sugar. It helps with the regulation of blood sugar levels along with the presence of a good concentration of the dietary fibers. The additional presence of minerals like magnesium, zinc, lipids, tannins, amino acids adds to the overall value of the banaba extract. Additionally, Banaba extracts come with a diuretic, purgative, and antibacterial properties which also beneficial in regulating fever.

  • Regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Stimulate the transportation of glucose to the cells in the body.
  • Regulate hunger pangs.
  • Aids weight loss.
  • Protect against bacterial driven diseases.
  • 2 capsules a day (1-0-1)

Question: I am taking sugar knocker is it also advice able to take bonnaba and amla

Answer: Yes, you can consume Banaba and Amla, which gives you additional benefits in regulating Blood Sugar Levels. Banaba's Other Benefits: Good for Heart. acts as a natural remedy for BP, High Cholesterol, Kidney Disease, Urinary tract Infections. Has Powerful Antioxidant Properties. Aids Natural Weight Loss. It contains Corosolic acid also fights against Huma cervical Cancer Cells. Amla Other Benefits: A Good Source of VitaminC. Anti Aging and Anti Oxidant. Repairs Pancreatic Tissues. Prevents the damage of insulin-producing cells. It helps to keep Blood Sugar at a steady level and prevent large increases after a meal. used for skin and hair. It contains Chromium, that regulates Carbohydrate Metabolism and makes the body more responsive to insulin, helping to keep blood sugar at healthy levels. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me.

Banaba Diabetes Dietary Supplement Reviews

Rashid Halder

Verified Purchase

I believe this is helping keep my mother in law blood sugar levels normal.

Zaad Agrawal

Verified Purchase

My blood glucose readings have dropped ten points after using this Herbal Supplement...

Kanika Patel

Verified Purchase

my family has noticed drastic drops in blood sugar levels using this product !! Our family has Diabetic Background...

Qabool Naik

Verified Purchase

This product has had amazing effects on my blood glucose. I've been a diabetic for almost 15 years and except for insulin, this has been more effective at glucose control for me...

Mridula Krishnan

Verified Purchase

It acts as Insulin/Blood Sugar support. Great product..

Prabha Ramson

Verified Purchase

My mom's weight had been stuck despite doing all the right things with her diet and exercise. This product has lowered her insulin resistance . Her sugar cravings are also lower and her weight has reduced a lot... I am happy for her.

Sushmita Wason

Verified Purchase

After several weeks of taking this product I've gone from pre-diabetes to blood sugars in the normal rage. I'm very pleased with this product.

Karim Lad

Verified Purchase

Banaba leaf is supposed to help your body's cells respond to insulin and start using excess sugar as fuel. I will keep taking it and hope it continues to help me better control my blood sugar.

Manish Muni

Verified Purchase

This supplement has the right ingredients to keep your glucose level on check, if you keep the right diet and avoid carbohydrates, sugars, and stay away from high processed foods. Just two pills a meal does it right for your pre diabetes condition..

Riddhi Bhattacharyya

Verified Purchase

The most important thing to know is I'm on track to reverse my diabetes... I like that it keeps my blood sugar low...

Navami Mandal

Verified Purchase

Very small vegetarian capsule easy to swallow. Help me to control/reduce my sugar. Cant live without it. No side effect at all. No toxic build up.

Dawood shaik

very Good, I am ordering for a few members in my family and I can see the difference.

Veeranna Gowda Patil

Has helped me control blood sugars while my diet is helping me lose weight. Great pricing & quality as far as I can tell.

Pooja Rathore

I'm grateful for this product, it is doing a good job in helping me manage my blood sugars. My husband also recently began using it and is also having success. We also eat sensibly and restrict our sugar and simple carbohydrate intake of course. Sushrut Ayurved Industries is very good, always ships within 24 hours and it arrives well packaged and earlier than expected.

Vinod Rodrigos

Couldn't lose weight despite an excellent diet and exercise regime for 5 years. Started taking 2 capsules of banaba each day and continued with the same diet and exercise and have lost 6 KGs in 3 months. I literally watched the weight fall off. Threw out the fat pants and feeling great about myself again.

Mohammed Arif

Taking it since 3 years. Very small vegetarian capsule easy to swallow. Help me to control/reduce my sugar. Can't live without it. No side effect at all. No toxic build up.

Anil Bhaskar

This product is worth the purchase. This product has helped my blood sugar along with a couple of your other products.

Sriramulu from Telangana

Good product for Diabetes, Good product trustworthy and safe no side effects

Mohammad Iqbal

Good natural antioxidant good for overall human health

Dinakara Kini

Fast shipper, great product - a super combination!!

Kumar DSouza

I am on 3 medications for my diabetes, so I really don't know if this is working or not. I am taking it twice daily anyway. Maybe helping. Blood sugar is down.

Shri Ramakrishna

My blood sugar readings have significantly improved since I started taking this product. My last 3 A1C tests have all been great. It might be helping weight loss as well.

Lalita Varadapande

Just started taking this supplement and hope it will be a good contributor to controlling my diabetes with my rx medication.

Satyanarayana Kumar Deshpande

After several weeks of taking this product I've gone from pre-diabetes to blood sugars in the normal rage. I'm very pleased with this product.

Michael Jayson

This works very well for lowering my blood sugar and I was losing about a kilo. a week with little effort. The downside was it was really not comfortable for me to take as it caused my side and stomach to hurt as well as a lot of belching. It was worse when taking with meals so I tried it 30 min. before. That helped some.

Suresh Kamath

excellent product, works great! least expensive banaba available! fast delivery! Yes, I recommend this product.

* Individual results may vary from person to person, store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight. For best results to be taken with warm water.