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Turmeric has been used for centuries in ayurvedic medicines. Turmeric is earning a reputation as the single most powerful herb for numerous health and dietary needs. Rich in natural curcuminoids (phytonutrients) Turmeric supports important blood & liver functions.Curcumin is the most important component in turmeric which helps to treat aspects of diabetes. It reduces insulin resistance by helping insulin get into cells. It also suppresses the activities of white blood cells called macrophages that cause inflammation. This action of turmeric/curcumin could potentially slow down many complications of diabetes, in which inflammation plays a role. Prevents liver fat accumulation and supports kidneys. It promotes the clearance of creatinine and urea from the blood, which is what kidneys are supposed to do Turmeric is believed to have antioxidant properties that could help fight infection and inflammation.

  • Lowers HbA1c levels in diabetic mice without affecting HbA1c levels.
  • Reduces Insulin Resistance.
  • Reduces inflammations.
  • Stops Fat Cell Growth.
  • Stop the growth and proliferation of fat cells
  • Help re-establish healthy metabolism.
  • 2 capsules a day (1-0-1)
Divya Ramroop

24 July 2019

Verified Purchase

2 times 2 a day gives me a better blood suger level...?Keep me fit?

Sukriti Joshi

24 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Product is Very good for glucose level

Ritika Ben

23 July 2019

Verified Purchase

I bought these to help keep blood sugars level throughout the day - works well and curbs my appetite.

Aarushi Cherian

22 July 2019

Verified Purchase

We are taking this product for long time. It is working for me in maintaining the blood sugar level

Urmila Acharya

21 July 2019

Verified Purchase

this product works very well to maintain your glucose level at an acceptable number...Especially good for type 2 diabetis

Rehman Chakrabarti

20 July 2019

Verified Purchase

I really like product. I take it sometimes with my meal if I know I'm going to eat something sweet. It helps to lower my blood sugar.

Emran Chaudhry

18 July 2019

Verified Purchase

My mom loves this one, she is a diabetic and this helps her to maintain her sugar level low.

Heena Barman

11 July 2019

Verified Purchase

I?ve been taking these for about a month now and I feel like my energy levels are higher. It also seems to help keep my blood sugar fairly level. I don?t take it solely to maintain an even level blood sugar but seems to help in conjunction with the foods I eat.

Riya Vohra

11 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Works great to control High Blood Sugar.... Quality is good?

Mahmood Sheth

09 July 2019

Verified Purchase

I fell better, I got more energy.I am a runner, less pain and I can run more I got to say I am fifty years old.I am a type 2 diabetic on Glipizide - 5 mg which does not do much on its won. So I decided to go with this product as this has been proven by the science of Ayurveda thousands of years a go. The best part no side effect.

Vaishali Sandal

08 July 2019

Verified Purchase

This has really helped for my Diabetes to be under control.. Thank you?

Yadu Inani

06 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Fantastic product for Diabetic. Works great and has a very clean ingredient list which I love. I would definitely recommend!

Allah Bhaksh

03 July 2019

Awesome!!!! My Mother stopped taking Insuline within 2 weeks Alhamdulillah and she feels great.. This Product is awesome and I ordered 2 more bottles.

Murali Krishnan

03 July 2019

keeps sugar normal, seems to help sugar stay normal....works great so far!

Seetaram Achary

03 July 2019

Excellent for Diabetes, Wonderful medicine

Seeta Laxmi

03 July 2019

Good product, Regular administration of pills worked great for my mom and grandma who were suffering from Diabetes to control the blood sugar...

Gowri Shankar

03 July 2019

good, Worth buying to control blood sugar naturally...

Gururaj Harmilkar

03 July 2019

Five Stars... Good one with best delivery and medicine content. Looking for good number in blood sugar health.


03 July 2019

Very effective! It builds up immunity really well and importantly reduces my diabetes number.

Jaswant Ramaswamy

02 July 2019

Verified Purchase

good Result for Diabetes? Its the 2nd time I've bought it & I'm happy with the results.


01 July 2019

It Really Does Help with Blood Sugar Levels! I used this as part of a diet to get my blood sugar levels down from dangerously high levels and it really helps. My cravings for sweets showed a significant reduction and this brand in particular was one of the purest I could find.

Anthony Dcausta

20 June 2019

This product works wonders for controlling the Diabetes, This product is very effective, its worth trying. It does miracles, love it.

Sriramulu from Telangana

12 June 2019

Good product for Diabetes, Good product trustworthy and safe no side effects

Kishore Kamath

11 June 2019

Helps with sugar. My sugar is always low and I accredit this product taken capsule according to the dosage scheduled before meals. No aftertaste.

Swamy Murthy

11 June 2019

Great Medicine, Reduces blood sugars

Hetan Jhaveri

09 June 2019

Verified Purchase

Excellent for Diabetes, Wonderful medicine

Atul Saran

03 June 2019

Verified Purchase

I have been searching for a Turmeric Capsules, Then i Came Across This and i Bought it. It turns out it was one of the best decision. The quality of The Capsules are Extraordinary inlowering blood sugar levels and it is Good For Our health. It maintains our health with Goodness of Turmeric and Curcumin. Great Product overall

Mohan Baral

09 May 2019

Verified Purchase

Like it for Dibates! My father is using it regularly

Santosh Gururaj

05 May 2019

Original Pure Turmeric! My family use this product for almost a year now. Found quality of turmeric very good. Seems to be original, organic. Piperine enhances bio-availability of Turmeric. I also take this capsule, when I feel sick/cold especially during bad weather, and feel good about it as it enhances immunity.

Daanish Raghavan

05 May 2019

Verified Purchase

Five Stars! Good and effective for Diabetic Patient

Mathew Jones

01 May 2019

Good quality productGood quality product, delivery and end results. Simple & Perfect Herbal Curcumin Extract. Recommended for anyone who wants to have Curcumin benefits to Curb Diabetes Naturally.

Ranganath Madhurai

01 May 2019

For Diabetes it is a great product. Good value for money and great product

Owais Singhal

24 April 2019

Verified Purchase

regular consumption of curcumin can help prevent inflammation in the body and lowering blood sugar this is one capsules with many benefits.

Virat Prabhu

16 April 2019

Verified Purchase

Good product! Regular administration of pills worked great for my mom and grandma who were suffering from Diabetes to control the blood sygar

Julie Nagy

31 March 2019

Verified Purchase

I have been using this product .It helped me a lot in stomach upset & gastritis and Mainly in lowering my blood sugar levels.

Rupesh Kothari

19 March 2019

Verified Purchase

Five Stars! Good product for Diabetes

Vaishali Ramroop

10 March 2019

Verified Purchase

Very effective! It builds up immunity really well and importantly reduces my Diabetes number .

Ruchi Chahal

06 March 2019

Verified Purchase

Nice Product! Good One for regulating the blood sugar levels.

Yash Bath

23 February 2019

Verified Purchase

It's really very effective in controlling insulin resistance

Chandni Nayar

29 January 2019

Verified Purchase

good, Worth buying to control blood sugar naturally

Atul Mukhopadhyay

06 January 2019

Verified Purchase

Worth every penny! best result in maintaining the Blood sugar and pure,

Rajesh Devan

01 January 2019

Verified Purchase

Five Stars. Good one with best delivery and medicine content. Looking for good number in bllod sugar health. Hope my friend gains it.

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Question: How does Curcumin support health?

Answer: Powerful antioxidant that can help protect cells from free radical damage. Helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response. Helps protect brain cells. Helps to maintain a healthy liver even under challenging circumstances.

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* Individual results may vary from person to person, store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight. For best results to be taken with warm water.