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Garlic contains more than 400 chemical components that can help prevent and treat a diverse variety of health problems. It has compounds allicin, allyl propyl disulfide and S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide that raise insulin levels in the blood. They prevent the liver's inactivation of insulin so that more insulin is available in the body. Garlic supplements is beneficial for diabetes patients, as they help to regulate blood glucose and they lower the effects of diabetes complications. They also aid in fighting infections, reducing bad cholesterol, controlling blood pressure levels and aiding blood flow. Garlic helps to detoxify heavy metals in the Body, prevents hardening of arteries and blood clots, protects the liver due to its antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial properties.It also supports Cardiovascular health, promotes healthy immunity & reduces cholesterol.

  • Reduces Blood Glucose Levels
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Protects Liver
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Boost immunity.
  • 2 capsules a day (1-0-1)
Rachel Golla

27 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Amazing medicine for controlling blood sugar level

Abbas Mann

24 July 2019

Verified Purchase

I'm using it to help maintain my blood sugar levels.

Bhanupriya Baria

23 July 2019

Verified Purchase

this product has helped me control my sugar and carb cravings, I continue buying these to keep my sweet tooth in line

Nagma Bhandari

23 July 2019

Verified Purchase

My blood sugar level is now in control. I am using this product for 4 months.

Yasmin Salvi

20 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Lowered my blood glucose by 10% 3 hours after meal.Great product working for me..

Akshay Prashad

19 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Works slow but very effective for long time. I recommend for people with Diabetes..

Namita Persad

19 July 2019

Verified Purchase

excellent product forsugar levels.. Great supplement for all other health issues.

Nazir Soman

10 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Very Effective Herbal Supplement for Diabetes and All other disorders..

Runjhun Sheth

09 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Garlic Product has made my Sugar Level to be under control. I recommenend my friends and Family

Poonam Bedi

08 July 2019

Verified Purchase

Diabetic control Pil? Good for overall health and for Diabetes ..

Indrani Sawhney

06 July 2019

Verified Purchase

trustworthy Product.. Using everyday one pil for my sugar control . My Suage level has gradually decreased to 5 points in a few days.

Amrit Chia

30 June 2019

Verified Purchase

Nice product. Much effective compared to other garlic capsule. Effective changes in Diabetes

Binod Ramson

24 June 2019

Verified Purchase

Very effective for Diabates

Jawahar Padmanabhan

20 June 2019

Verified Purchase

It is very good & tested product, I am having it for more than 6 months to control my BP, to control Diabetes & cholesterol. There is no side effect after consuming it twice a day for such E long period of time. I would recommend the product but test it for a week before continuing for a longer period.

Anjana Rao

19 June 2019

Verified Purchase

I am liking Sugar Knockers products as it's cheap and best quality.As I cannot chew and have Garlic so I use it in capsule form for many health benefits.

Monica Srinivasan

17 June 2019

Verified Purchase

Very good immunity power and helps in sugar and its quiet costly too as I cannot afford as I am in pension...

Jagruti Vasa

09 June 2019

Verified Purchase

Works great on keeping my blood sugar in check.

Rimi Hegde

05 June 2019

Verified Purchase

It is healthy to have 2 garlic capsules a day. Obviously it serves my purpose for Diabetes. Very Good Product.

Jyoti Hegde

23 May 2019

Verified Purchase

Nice product. Much effective compared to other garlic capsule. Effective changes in Diabetes

Juhi Biyani

26 March 2019

Verified Purchase

I am using this product since last one and half months and this is my 2nd consecutive purchase.. I am satisfied by using these capsules and they also don't give any after smell of Garlic.. It's good for heart health and controlling blood sugar.. I recommend it..

Sukriti Borra

24 March 2019

Verified Purchase

Very good quality supplement for Diabates

Qabool Wadhwa

04 March 2019

Verified Purchase

Good product, does the job in controlling BP , sugar and coughs/colds. Very competitive rates.

Rosey Om

05 February 2019

Verified Purchase

Excellent garlic capsules. Controlled my Diabetes and cholestrol

Damini Goda

03 February 2019

Verified Purchase

Mind-blowing purchase Good product... So far so gud for my sugar levels

Lakshmi Nath

31 January 2019

Verified Purchase

Good product helping me for reducing my blood sugar. i am using this daily.

Ananya Nori

16 January 2019

Verified Purchase

very healthy, very good for reduce blood Sugar and ldl-cholesterol

Leela Ghosh

06 January 2019

Verified Purchase

The garlic capsules were pure and effective.

Sukriti Ganesan

04 January 2019

Verified Purchase

Best Garlic Formula I have ever used for Diabetes.

Naina Oak

01 January 2019

Verified Purchase

Health in a bottle, Great product providing all of the benefits including BP, diabates that garlic is known to provide.

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