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Sugar Knocker Buy 2 Plus 1 with Omega 3 FREE

We work so hard for everything to be perfect, but sometimes our food habits fall short of perfect. That's why we’ve got something for you to bridge this gap.

Say Hello to our newest product Good Health Omega 3 Fatty Acids Made for Healthy body and healthy mind. Our Good Health Ultra-pure refined Fish Omega 3 Is extracted from deep sea wild fish for enhanced absorption and superior bioavailability.

Good Health Omega-3 From fatty fish and fish oil contribute to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system and positive state of mind.

It is also known to improve a person's ability to concentrate better and think clearly. In gendreal omega-3 is essential to human health but cannot be manufactured by the human body , therefore omega-3 must be obtained from food or by supplementing from outside.

Good Health Omega-3 fatty acids support heart health, joint function, eye / muscular wellness, joint mobility, skin smoothness, muscle recovery and healthy brain function including cognitive ability, focus and mood.

  • Helps Improving Bone and Joint Health
  • It Helps Fight Inflammation
  • Can Promote Brain Health During Pregnancy and Early Life
  • It Helps In Reducing Asthma in Children
  • It Helps In Reducing Fat in Your Liver
  • Helps in preventing Age-Related Mental Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Omega-3 Fats Are Good For Your Skin and Nails
  • Helps Reduce Symptoms of ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in Children
  • Sugar Knocker : Check your postprandial glucose test and incorporate the following prescription, Between 140-200: 2 capsules (1-0-1), Between 200-300: 3 capsules (1-1-1), 300+: 6 capsules(2-2-2)
  • To be taken 10-15 mins with water before food
  • Omega 3: Take 2 Capsules in a Day (1-0-1)

* Individual results may vary from person to person, store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight. For best results to be taken with warm water.