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Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes| Herbal Supplement for Diabetes

Sugar knocker is the best Herbal Supplement for Diabetes made with the Goodness of Ayurveda. Formulated based on Ancient Ayurvedic Recipe and principles of Aahaara, Vihaara, Aushadhi, It is the best natural herbal supplement which is made with a combination of eleven herbal extracts and minerals. These herbs have been used for many years in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for their various other benefits. These natural herbs not only lower blood sugar but also work towards reducing the damaging effects of diabetes, unlike most medicines that focus only on reducing blood glucose. The all natural Sugar Knocker works along with your routine without any side effects and become an excellent addition to your diabetes management regimen.

  • Helps to regenerate beta-cells of the islets of Pancreas.
  • It helps to increase the uptake of glucose by the cells.
  • It helps to increase the uptake of glucose by the cells.
  • Exerts insulin-like action
  • It helps to regenerate the lipid mechanism.
  • It helps in preventing microvascular damage.
  • Helps in preventing diabetic retinopathy.
  • It helps in preventing oxidative damage.
  • No Side Effects
  • Check your postprandial glucose test and incorporate the following prescription, Between 140-200: 2 capsules (1-0-1), Between 200-300: 3 capsules (1-1-1), 300+: 6 capsules(2-2-2)
  • To be taken 10-15 mins with water before food
  • Take it along with your routine medicines, once Sugar levels comes down to normal, cut down your routine medicines dosage by 50%, thus slowly reduce routine medicines dosage.

Sugar Knocker 2+1 Pack with Emun Care Reviews

Sharad Sule

Verified Purchase

I am diabetic and I had increased a lot of weight. It was really hard to manage everything. I was too worried about everything. My sugar level had been increased. I started using sugar knocker and followed all the diets provided by sugar knocker. I was able to effectively decrease my sugar levels and my weight is also moderate. Every diabetic person should try Sugar knocker at least once.

Baldev Gopal

Verified Purchase

Emun Care is not only for diabetic persons. Yes, sugar knocker provides diabetes medicines but with diabetes, it also provides the best emun care, amla, and so many other supplements. I liked the Emun care supplement because it's completely organic made from only herbal products without any mixture of chemicals. I prefer Sugar Knocker supplements over any other tablets. All products of sugar knocker are just awesome, even my aunt is a regular user of sugar knocker, she is diabetic. I have seen great improvement in her sugar levels. Must try.

Tejaswani Thakur

Verified Purchase

I always thought that all the diabetes medicines are the same and they won't be making much difference. I used to take insulin to control my blood sugar levels. My health was getting worst every day. My cousin suggested me sugar knocker and asked me to give it a try. I went to the sugar knocker website and ordered some sugar knocker supplements. I started using them and saw a great change in my sugar levels. I also followed the diet provided by sugar knocker, one of the best changes I ever did to improve my health. I am effectively controlling my diabetes and am very happy with the sugar knocker. I also came to know that sugar knocker is providing emun care for free. I will give this a try and will update you later about my experience.

Laveena Karnik

Verified Purchase

Emun care is the best herbal medicine for immunity booster. Sugar knocker products are completely natural and made with herbal products. Only 2 tablets of emun care supplement are enough for good health. It also helps to fight fatigue and boosts our energy. I am happy using sugar knocker for years.

Kushal Oommen

Verified Purchase

I am really happy with how my health has improved since the day I started using sugar knocker. My sugar levels were more than 250mgdl, after using a sugar knocker and with a proper diet my sugar levels are in control and have decreased to 120mgdl within months. Will definitely buy sugar knocker and I will be getting a Emun care completely free this time. Waiting to use emun care supplement too.

Anuja R

Verified Purchase

Yes, I think Sugar knocker medicines can help us improve our overall health. My whole family uses sugar knocker and we all are in good health. We never had any side effects from any tablets. Recommended.

Preet Lad

Verified Purchase

This Emun care from sugar knocker is made from all the natural and traditional ayurvedic herbs. I have read and taken reviews from people who are using sugar knocker for years. I was not sure about using sugar knocker at the start. As I got good reviews from all the sugar knocker users I gave it a try. I am now using sugar knocker for months and even I am happy using it. I have tried amla supplements and now I am also using emun care too. I don’t regret using sugar knocker.

Ajay Nagar

Verified Purchase

Helpful for sugar patients. I am diabetic and sugar knocker has helped me a lot. I even got in touch with grish banvi once and Discusses my symptoms and he really has some important tips which can help us to control our diabetes early. I have attended many meetings since then. I will recommend others to use sugar knocker.

Pranab Soni

Verified Purchase

A combo offers worth buying. Sugar knocker always comes up with the best offers which can help our health in many ways. One sugar knocker bottle can help a diabetic person control his blood sugar levels within days. And emun care is one of the best boost your Immunity naturally With no side effects. I bought this product because my husband is diabetic and I regularly take immunity booster tablets. Higley recommended.

Zahir M

Verified Purchase

I can tell that the supplement is made up of Top Quality Ingredients. It's so effective. Works within weeks. Emun Care is the best of all other sugar knocker products. Top Immunity booster medicine. Highly recommended. Should try.

Daanish Deshpande

Verified Purchase

The best Diabetes supplements are from sugar knocker. They always provide some of the other offers on their medicines. It's highly effective. My diabetes is in complete control since the day I started using sugar knocker. I even consume Emun Care supplements to boost my immunity. Trust me, these supplements are just so perfect. Great improvement in my overall health.

* Individual results may vary from person to person, store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight. For best results to be taken with warm water.