This is Why Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda is The Safest Way to Go For

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diabetes treatment in ayurveda


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What exactly is Diabetes according to Charaka Samhita?

Charaka Samhita is divided into 8 sections. They are Sutra, Nidana, Vimana, Sarira, Endriya, Chikitsa, Kalpa, and Siddha-Sthanas. These are the 8 divisions of the massive treatment of ancient Indian medicine. These 8 divisions coupled with a bit of Yoga and diet provide us an Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes. It describes knowledge covered by every aspect of medicine. Ayurveda describes diabetes as Madumeha. It emerges from a condition in which the urine of a person has a smell. Diabetic urine taste is as sweet as honey. It is a result of reduced insulin production and decreased insulin sensitivity. One can treat it through Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes. Diabetes is now referred to as a condition where the body suffers from a lack of insulin.

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When was Diabetes detected in Ancient Ayurveda?

Ayurveda found the emergence of diabetes, back in 1000 BC (Charaka Samhita). All the ways to manage diabetes can is there in the Ayurvedic literature. Charaka Samhita describes many reasons which can lead to one acquiring the disease. Madhumeha falls under the category of eight major diseases difficult to treat. Diet, lifestyle, environment, genetic factors are the causes of Madhumeha, according to Ayurveda.   [Also Read From history to the future of diabetes from ancient ayurveda]

Types of Diabetes

There following are the different types of Diabetes defined by Ayurveda:

  • Sampraptivishishta Anilatmaka Madhumeha
  • Dhatukshayajanya Madhumeha
  • Avritapathata (Avaranjanya) Madhumeha
  • Kala Prabhavaja Madhumeha

Ayurveda on Diabetes

Madhumeha is a combination of Madhu and Meha. Madhu means sweet and Meha means urine. So, the disease with the above qualities included is diabetes.  

Ayurveda has mentioned, there are 8 types of diseases associated with urine. These are 10 kaphaja, 6 pittaja, and 4 vataja Urinary disorders. All these infections including Madhumeha are a result of all impurities mixing up with a body’s fat.  

This results in the derangement of the body’s muscles. This is further carried on to Meha and starts the urinary disorder. If there is any kind of impurities present in urine, it affects the exertion of the urine. Ayurveda has classified a few of the herbs and uses them as Ayurvedic tablets for diabetes.  

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Different ways to Curb Diabetes

It is very important that, if affected with diabetes you must change your diet and lifestyle.

ayurvedic treatment of diabetes

Adopt a lifestyle that is active. You must exercise often.

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natural ways to treat diabetes

Avoid sleeping in the daytime.

controlling diabetes at home

Consume a healthy diet i.e. foods low in sugar and starch. Avoid Food items like rice, potato, and white bread.

food for diabetes patients

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Coated items like sugar-coated cereal, colocasia are a big no. They would act as a hindrance in the working of Ayurvedic Tablets for Diabetes.

low glycemic food for diabetes

Have a daily and a seasonal routine plotted and follow it. Excess intake of food is not allowed.

home treatment of diabetes

Include green and leafy vegetables into your diet. It will enhance your nutritional status. Also, it regulates your body’s metabolism.

green vegetables for controlling diabetes

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[Also Read: Diabetes Diet: Make your Healthy Food Choices and Eating Plan]Also – there are several yoga poses that help you cope with diabetes. You can choose to perform them.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes

There are some natural ingredients that have more power than English medicine. Ayurveda is considered an alternative form of medicine and some of the herbs act as Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes. Natural herbs are very effective for people who are suffering from diabetes. There are a total of 12 items given below.

home remedies for diabetes

Intake one or more of the above to help you overcome problems caused by diabetes. You can choose any diabetes ayurvedic medicine that has the above-mentioned ingredients. Now let us discuss what and how to consume these herbs:


benefits of tulsi in mainitaining sugar levels

Tulsi is an appropriate ayurvedic treatment for sugar to include in your diet if you are a type 2 diabetic patient. It is a herb for pre-diabetic people. Including tulsi in your daily diet helps lower blood sugar levels. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants, which further produce elements like caryophyllene, methyl eugenol, and eugenol. All these elements come together to increase insulin sensitivity.

How to consume Tulsi:

  1. You can consume tulsi leaves by simply chewing them.
  2. Another way to use it is by brewing it with tea every day.


antidiabetic properties of black jamun

People who follow ayurvedic treatment for sugar include jamuns in their diet whenever possible. It is a delicious fruit that comprises 82% of water and has nil amounts of sucrose. It is hypoglycemic, meaning it reduces helps to keep the sugar levels in check in urine and blood. Jamun seeds are rich in jamboline. It limits starch from transforming into sugar. Not just this, jamuns are also rich in alkaloids that effectively reduce blood sugar levels.

How to include jamun in your diet:

It is a delicious fruit and can be enjoyed eating raw.


benefits of giloy in treating benefits

The next ayurvedic medicine for diabetes to make to the list is giloy. It is great for type 2 diabetes.

Giloy helps in sugar ayurvedic treatment by acting as a hypoglycemic agent. It produces insulin and helps to keep the blood sugar level under check. It also works towards burning glucose off, which further decreases blood sugar levels. NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) tags giloy to be highly significant for diabetes treatment.

How to consume it:

You can keep giloy overnight in water and consume the water in the morning. Another way of consuming it is by boiling it in water and drinking the concoction. 

Bael Leaves

antidiabetic properties of bael tree

If you are seeking sugar ayurvedic treatment, you can try the extremely nutritious bael leaves. Bael leaves are anti-diabetic herbs that keep blood sugar levels and cholesterol under check. These leaves are scientifically proven hypoglycemic herbs with antioxidant properties. Apart from treating diabetes, bael leaves also provide energy to the pancreas. Boosting the pancreas further increases the production of insulin. Insulin production helps to keep blood sugar levels under check. 

How can you include bael leaves in your diet: 

You can include bael leaves in your diet by eating them raw or preserved. you can also obtain the juice out of the leaves and drink the juice. However, for diabetes, you can chew 3-4 fresh bael leaves early in the morning. This habit, if continued for long, keeps diabetes under control. People often chew bael and tulsi leaves together on an empty stomach. 

Banyan tree bark

banyan tree bark benefits for diabetic

The banyan tree is a well-known herb for ayurvedic sugar treatment. The bark of the tree is known to possess anti-diabetic properties. Banyan tree bark contains compounds such as glycosides and flavonoids. For patients with mild diabetes, banyan bark is quite an effective solution. 

How can you consume banyan tree bark:

  1. Take a fresh piece of bark (about 2 inches) and soak it in water overnight. Blend the bark in the water and filter the liquid out. Consume the extract.
  2. Another way of consuming the bark is by taking it in powder form. Grind the bark when dried and turn it into a fine powder. Once done, you can store it for some days. Take in a little amount each day and boil it in water. Reduce around 2 glasses of water to half a glass. Filter the liquid and consume it regularly.


amla benefits for diabetic

Amla is one of the common-most natural remedies for diabetics. It keeps blood sugar levels checked. Not just diabetes, amla is extremely beneficial for skin and hair. It can be consumed in several forms and can also be stored for months in the form of murabba. However, before including amla in your diet with an already prescribed medication, consult with an expert physician. As, while consuming both, you might drop blood sugar levels lower than required. 

You can consume amla in the following ways:

  1. One of the common ways to eat amla is to have it fresh and unprocessed. It tastes bitter, but you can acquire the flavor with time.
  2. Drinking amla juice is another efficient way of consuming amla.
  3. The most delicious form of consuming amla is in the form of murabba. Amla murabba is a popular delicacy that people prepare at home.
  4. Amla powder is another way of consuming it. Just take a spoonful and have it with water.

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Your Body Takes Some Time to Respond to Ayurvedic / Herbal Medicines

It is important to understand that diabetes has no permanent cure. The best alternatives are in the form of ayurvedic medicines for diabetes. These are natural ingredients that take a lot of time to dell with your body.Down the line, it can show the effect of the cure. Your body takes time to respond as it is a slow, and natural process. However, diabetes ayurvedic medicine is one of the safest ways to treat diabetes.

Simple Formula for Better Life. It is Used to Treat Many of Modern Diseases Including Diabetes 

Diabetes is your body notifying you that you need to improve your diet along with your lifestyle. 

You can curb diabetes using Sugar Knocker, Best Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes. Sugar Knocker a combination of 11 herbs put together alongside minerals. These herbs & minerals have been used in Diabetes Ayurvedic treatment since ancient India.These herbs have no side effects. They are safe for consumption. The herbs are in their purest form in Sugar Knocker. In Ayurveda, there are 3 simple forms for a better life:

  • Aahara  means diet
  • Vihara  means lifestyle
  • Aushadhi means medicines

Sugar Knocker – A Blend of 11 Natural Herbs with the Goodness of Ayurveda

Sushrut Ayurved Industries have vast experience in herbs. We bring you a natural herbal supplement called Sugar Knocker. Our company has preserved the ancient practice of Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine.

It has safeguarded it along with implementing it and putting it into the best use. The combination of 11 herbs and minerals has been in practice for many years. These are traditional Indian medicine i.e. Ayurvedic Medicine For Sugar.

These herbs are popular for their power to lowers blood sugar. It also safeguards the body from the effect of the disease. This is an alternative approach. Unlike the modern ways of treating diabetes that only treats the blood sugar levels.

You can also use diabetes ayurvedic medicine along with the prescribed drugs. It does not cause any harm to your body. This is because it has nil side effects. You can add Sugar Knocker to your daily diabetes management regimen as it works in an excellent way.

Reasons to choose Sugar Knocker

Quality herbs make up this product the best diabetes ayurvedic medicine

ayurvedic tablets for diabetes

Rejuvenates the beta cells of the islets of the pancreas

treating diabetes at home

Helps cells increase the Glucose intake

treating blood sugar at home

Regenerates lipid mechanism

how regenerates lipid mechanism

Prevents Diabetic Retinopathy

how to prevent diabetic retinopathy

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Prevents Micro-Vascular Damage

herbal treatment of diabetes

How to Use Sugar Knocker to Get Maximum Benefits in a short time

There is no short cut to success. But Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment increases the pace of bringing diabetes to control. Ayurvedic tablets for diabetes available in the market make diabetes ayurvedic treatment easier. 

  • Take Ayurveda Medicine for Diabetes along with your allopathy medicines for some time. This is the best way to start as the effect will be more if combined with the allopathy medicines.
  • Now, you would notice that your sugar levels will come to normal, once the process starts. When you find Sugar levels normal, cut down the dosage by 50%.
  • With diabetes ayurvedic treatment, you will feel your body improving. You can slowly stop the Allopathy medicines which you combined with Sugar Knocker.
  • Slowly, you must even stop consuming these Ayurvedic tablets for diabetes as well. If you wish to have the best results or for instance, faster results, follow the diet. Following the diet is a must because diabetes is all about a healthy diet. Along with it, make sure you engage yourself with a lot of physical activities

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There are many modern forms of medicines that can decrease your blood sugar level. But, may also come along with a set of side effects which, in some way or the other harm your body. For an alternative, you can go for Ayurveda Medicine for Diabetes.

These have no side effects and can be consumed with the prescribed medicines. Make sure you maintain a balanced diet, lifestyle, and necessary herbal medicines. Ayurveda not only reduces blood sugar but also decreases the effects of the disease.

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