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What is Diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition where body doesn’t process food for use as an energy. The food we eat turned into glucose, or sugar. The pancreas creates insulin hormone to help glucose gets into the cells of our body. When you have diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use its own.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Excessive thirst, Frequent urination, Unexplained weight loss, Extreme hunger, Sudden vision changes, Tingling or numbness in hands or feet, Feeling very tired much of the time, Very dry skin, Sores those are slow to heal,More infections than usual.

How to Control Sugar?

Every single reduction of molecule put into the human being eventually has some side effects. The natural herbs which were being used since 5000 years in Indian Ayurvedic medicine do not have any side effects. Natural Ayurvedic herbs are great boon to diabetic patient.

Natural Cure for Diabetes

Sugar Knocker is a Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement for diabetes; it is a natural cure for diabetes. Regular intake of this Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes produces sound results and so the issue never threatens anybody. Maintain Diet, physical activities, yoga, regular exercise.

Sugar Knocker – Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Diabetes

Story of Sugar Knocker from CEO of Sushrut Ayurved Industries

Let me introduce myself and share a small incident of my life that made me to come up with Sugar Knocker which is helping thousands of diabetic to lead a normal life.

I am Girish Banvi, CEO of Sushrut Ayurved Industries, Dharwad (Karnataka).

Back In 1990s, I started supplying medicinal plants for top companies like Dabur Zandu Baidhanath, Himalaya, and many other manufactures of ayurvedic products.

In 2004, during family function, I found many of my family, friends injecting themselves before food and felt so bad on seeing their restrictions over food, hearing the side effects of their medicines. There by took a decision that I must do something very useful to diabetic community, with my experience in medicinal herbs.

Of the 170 herbs which are useful in diabetes, I chose 11 herbs which are most potential and anti-diabetic.
With my huge experience in medicinal plants and industry experts, we formulated “Sugar Knocker” – A herbal supplement with goodness of Ayurveda, which not only controls diabetes but also rejuvenate pancreas beta cells.

With lot of research and development, trials and improvements, we launched “Sugar Knocker” in 2005 successfully… Sugar Knocker not only helped 1000s of diabetic who has opted them in their Diabetes Management Efforts. After using Sugar Knocker, many people tend to call it as “diabetes knocker“.

Sugar Knocker not only focuses on controlling sugar level but also starts working on a root cause of diabetes. In short it gives permanent solution by removing problem from root and not temporary by controlling sugar level.

Watch this video which gives you detailed insight of Sugar Knocker and the advantages of opting Sugar Knocker to Bring Results to Your Diabetes Management Efforts.

Sugar Knocker – Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

Sugar Knocker is natural herbal supplement made-up of eleven herbal extracts and minerals that have been used for many years in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine.
Sugar Knocker goes along with your prescription drugs without any side effects.

The more you wait, the more you lose!!! If you are ready to take charge of Your Diabetes Management and start Regulating Blood Glucose naturally, there’s never been a better time to begin!

Opt Sugar Knocker today & Bring Results to Your Diabetes Management Efforts.

Experts Advice

Check-out our experts advice about Sugar Knocker

Herbal Ingredients of Ayurvedic Tablets for Diabetes

Sugar Knocker is combination of eleven herbal extracts and minerals that have been used for many years in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Herbs that are used in Sugar Knocker are generally regarded as safe for human consumption and as such they do not have any ill effect on you.

Emblica Officinalis

Emblica Officinalis

Eugenia Jambolana

Eugenia Jambolana

Ocimum Sanctum

Ocimum Sanctum

Review on Sugar Knocker Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar

Serving Since 2005, Sugar Knocker has a Customer Satisfaction Ratio of 87.89% .

Watch Sugar Knocker Reviews and See What People Have Found in Sugar Knocker & How Sugar Knocker Helped Diabetic to Fight Diabetes Naturally.


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What people are saying about Sugar Knocker

“Good Product and helped me in controlling my blood sugar level.”

Good use of the tablets. Has controlled my Blood Sugar
Sudersanam K S G
5 stars

“The process of ordering was smooth.”

Nice. Your front line people helped me readily when I was finding it difficult to place order on line.
K M Jyothi
4 stars

“Getting good results.This works for me...Amazing!”

I am satisfied it is good supplement
Sarojini Gujar
4 stars

”Very Effective Product,It helped my mother to control sugar levels. ”

Ordered for my mother. She has tried this for a month, her sugar level is under control.
Vinayak Mahale

* Individual results may vary from person to person, store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight. For best results to be taken with warm water.

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