Sugar knocker is the best Herbal Supplement for Diabetes made with the Goodness of Ayurveda. Formulated based on Ancient Ayurvedic Recipe and principles of Aahaara, Vihaara, Aushadhi, It is the best natural herbal supplement which is made with a combination of eleven herbal extracts and minerals. These herbs have been used for many years in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for their various other benefits. These natural herbs not only lower blood sugar but also work towards reducing the damaging effects of diabetes, unlike most prescription drugs that focus only on reducing blood glucose. The all natural Sugar Knocker works along with your prescribed drugs without any side effects and become an excellent addition to your diabetes management regimen.

  • Helps to regenerate beta-cells of the islets of Pancreas.
  • It helps to increase the uptake of glucose by the cells.
  • Exerts insulin-like action.
  • It helps to regenerate the lipid mechanism.
  • It helps in preventing microvascular damage.
  • Helps in preventing diabetic retinopathy.
  • It helps in preventing oxidative damage.
  • No Side Effects
  • Check your postprandial glucose test and incorporate the following prescription, Between 140-200: 2 capsules (1-0-1), Between 200-300: 3 capsules (1-1-1), 300+: 6 capsules(2-2-2)
  • To be taken 10-15 mins with water before food
  • Take it along with your routine medicines, once Sugar levels comes down to normal, cut down your routine medicines dosage by 50%, thus slowly reduce routine medicines dosage.

20 June 2019

I am using and find very helpful all my sugar symptoms are knocked out.

Joythi Subramaniam

19 June 2019

Your product is excellent for diabetic control. You should produce more natural products like this for other disorders


04 June 2019

Excellent product. I am very happy

Shivaraju b iyer

22 May 2019

"Really I am satisfied with the product,hoping for my health.thank you sir Sri Girish bhabhi who is giving more information about diebetic issues."


18 May 2019

very good

Gopesh Bhagawati

13 May 2019

Feeling better after using Sugar Knocker.

Anjali Gaikwad

01 May 2019

Find it genuinely useful in diabetes with the content of herbs it has

Ashok Rath

16 April 2019

Feeling very comfortable. After 1st month with my regular sugar medicine, sugar level has come down. This month I am trying without medicine.

Gajanana V Hegde

12 March 2019

Excellent service and great Ayurvedic suppliment


12 March 2019

Good, Reliable and dependable product to control blood glucose level. I am satisfied with the product


11 March 2019

Beautiful medicine, helps in digestion and maintaining correct sugar levels

Ashwitha S

01 March 2019

Wonderful product. It has helped my uncle control blood sugar effectively.

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Question: Do I have to take “Sugar Knocker” forever?

Answer: Absolutely not. Once you have completed a full program of taking Sugar Knocker, you can stop taking Sugar Knocker altogether. You will want to maintain your health improvement by exercising regularly, eating and living well. You can continue to take Sugar Knocker as frequently and for as long as needed

Question: Can I use “Sugar Knocker” when I am pregnant?

Answer: We have no indications that shown any dangers or problems with using the product while pregnant. Yet it is our policy to recommend to women who are pregnant or nursing to not use Sugar Knocker.

Question: Can I take “Sugar Knocker” on an empty stomach?

Answer: Yes. Sugar Knocker enters the body just like all natural ingredients. It is recognized by the body as food and is absorbed by the body similarly.

Question: Can “Sugar Knocker” help Type 1?

Answer: The effectiveness of Sugar Knocker is to help regulate the amount and frequency of Insulin usage. With a healthy lifestyle and prolonged use of Sugar Knocker, we have observed that most cases have resulted in continued normalized blood sugar levels.

Question: Can I take “Sugar Knocker” with our medication?

Answer: Sugar Knocker has no known side effects when taken with our medications. Our policy is to recommend you to consult your doctor when taking supplements along with other medications.

Question: When starting on “Sugar Knocker” Can I stop using other medications I am taking for my condition?

Answer: You should continue to take any medications that have been prescribed by your physician. As your blood glucose levels decrease, you should inform your physician that you want to reduce the number of medications you are taking accordingly. Working together with your physicians you can continue to reduce the amount of medication you are taking, and in most cases completely eliminate the use of any medication to keep your Blood sugar under control. To achieve this, it is crucial you follow our simple guidelines shipped with Sugar Knocker dealing with living a healthy lifestyle.

Question: Will “Sugar Knocker” force me to produce too much of Insulin?

Answer: Sugar Knocker’s primary action is to naturally and gently heal you. As you heal, your body will regulate its correct Insulin production, as it should do naturally. It does not artificially or instantly force you to produce more Insulin-like some drugs.

Question: Is “Sugar Knocker” safe?

Answer: Sugar Knocker is made with all natural herbal ingredients and no harmful fillers or synthetic chemicals are used. It is absolutely safe to take on a regular basis. Consult your physician if you have a concern.

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